Sunday, August 8, 2010

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BLOG SERIES : Enlightening Interviews, Great Architects


John E. Lautner  (1911-1994)

Brief :

John Lautner designed over 200 architectural projects during his career, but many designs for larger buildings were never realised. His extant body of work is now dominated by his domestic commissions; although he designed numerous commercial buildings including Googie's, Coffee Dan's and Henry's restaurants and the Lincoln Mercury Showroom in Glendale, sadly, most of these buildings have since been demolished. With a handful of exceptions (e.g. the Arango Residence in Acapulco, the Turner House in Apsen, Colorado, the Harpel House #2 in Anchorage, Alaska) nearly all of Lautner's extant buildings are in California, mostly in and around Los Angeles.

The first installment in a series of interviews with some of the greats in architecture.

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